What Is The Difference Between A Rolling Gate


                                    A Cantilever Slide Gate


There are always questions by first time buyers about the difference between a Rolling Gate and a Cantilever Slide Gate. The description below explains it clearly.

A Rolling gate rests and rolls on the ground wheel carrier. It is always the size of the opening of gate; whereas a Cantilever slide gate ( Figure 2) is 50% longer than the opening so it is held above ground (about 6"), as it slides and in closed position the extra length (counter balance) is held between the cantilever rollers which are mounted on the posts, 2 above and 2 below. Figure 1 below shows rolling gate has 2 track wheels that are mounted to the back vertical of the gate frame with a wheel bracket. The wheels roll back and forth on the pipe tracks (shown 2 horizontal pipe rails in the middle of posts). The track wheels each also have a safety clamp that overlaps over the track rails and holds the gate upright and prevents it from falling forward. This is very popular solution for residential, light commercial and interior commercial / industrial uses where the space limitations do not allow for swing gates or cantilever gates.

The Cantilever gate shown in figure 2 has two gate roller posts and one latch post. The gate slides between the two rollers on top and bottom and is also held up by these rollers. As it slides to close, the counterbalance which is the extra length of the gate, is held between the two rollers.

 Cantilever gates require enough space for full length of the opening plus the counter balance or back frame section on the opening side. These gates are always welded and the horizontal rails on top and bottom are always 2 1/2 inch OD. or 2" X 2" square tube.