Cantilever Gate System VS. Swing Gate

         (Cantilever gates have many advantages over swing gates) 

1. Cantilever gates take up less space
Single cantilever gates move in one direction, often directly parallel to an existing fence line. This efficient use of space makes a cantilever gate an ideal choice when designing a property's perimeter fence and security system.

2. Cantilever gates are safer than swing gates
Safety devices are strongly recommended, if not required, when automating a gate. Such safety devices may include safety photo beams, safety edges, and loops and loop detectors. Safety devices are designed and installed to protect against the gate closing on a vehicle. Due to the linear movement of a sliding cantilever gate, the path of the gate is limited in comparison to a swing gate which swings in an arc approximately 90 degrees.

3. Cantilever gates are less expensive
In some instances, when a double swing gate and a single cantilever gate is to be considered, a single cantilever gate will be less expensive to automate since it requires only one gate operator instead of two.

4. Cantilever gate are easier to maintain
Cantilever gates may be installed with nylon cantilever rollers with sealed bearings or with an aluminum track with internal 4 bearing truck assemblies. The nylon rollers do not require greasing and the nylon roller itself and cover will not rust. Further, cantilever rollers will install to posts with bolts which are easy to adjust at a later date if necessary. The brackets which typically connect a gate operator to the gate also are usually installed with bolts that will be easy to adjust later. Conversely, swing gates often have hinges which require repeated greasing. These hinges will also often be welded to the gate post and gate making them difficult to adjust if necessary. Lastly, consider snow removal in northern locations. The single path a cantilever gate travels will often be easier to keep clean of obstructions compared with a swing gate and it's wide swing.

5. Cantilever gates simple look and operate better
The smart appearance, efficient design, and craftsmanship in a cantilever gate is sure to impress owners, visitors, and customers visiting the property.