What Is The “Right” Way To Brace A Gate

  The reason we brace gates is primarily to keep it from sagging, to keep it functioning as it was intended to from the beginning.

Poor or improper bracing will cause the gate to have " Vertical Deflection" or sag.  Compression Bracing

 A compression cross-brace takes weight from the top bar and transfers it by pushing down against the bottom hinge,

or a vertical component or post, which transfers load to both hinges.  Hinge Side on Right with Brace running from Top of latch side to bottom of hinge side. Typical on Wooden Gates.


 Compression bracing should be used on Cantilever gates as well since the load is transferred differently than a hinged gate. Cantilever gates are some of the strongest designs because of how they transfer loads and mitigate deflection. Our EZ Slide Track gate kits can be added to chain link gates or ornamental iron frames

  In engineering terms, deflection is the degree to which a structural element is displaced under a load. It may refer to an angle or a distance.