Slide Gate Description

 Gate System - E/Z Slide

Check these exclusive features and advantages:

·         The E/Z-SLIDE Gate Adapter Kit enables cantilever slide gates to ride on maintenance free roller trucks that are enclosed inside a bolt on aluminum track assembly which protects them from the elements.

·         The one piece steel body roller truck assembly with its factory lubricated and sealed roller bearings assures problem free operation of gate.

·         The enclosed roller truck has ease of motion and is safer than roller wheel supported gates.

·         The track assembly is a heavy extrusion of corrosion free aluminum, specially designed to be easily bolted to a round pipe or square member of the upper gate. This becomes an integral part of the frame.

·         The adapter kit is designed for cantilever slide gate to be installed with two 4" posts for each single gate.

·         For round member gates the upper frame should be 2-1/2" O.D. steel or aluminum. For square member gates use 2" x 2" steel or aluminum.

·         The track is completely pre drilled and can be installed on most existing cantilever slide gates in the field.


Each E/Z-SLIDE Gate Kit Contains The Following:

·         Aluminum Track

·         2 Truck Assemblies

·         2 Truck Mounting Brackets

·         2 Lower Guide Roller Assemblies

·         All Required Bolts, Nuts, and Back Brackets

·   Slide Gate Installation Tips

      Gate frames shall consist of steel or aluminum tubes and conform to the specifications for the same material used in the fence line. Fabric shall also be of the same type of material as used in the fence.

·         All cantilever gates shall have a one piece bolt-on enclosed track of aluminum extrusion (alloy 6061-T6) having a total weight of 4.35 pounds per foot and designed to withstand a minimum reaction load of 1,500 pounds.

·         Two galvanized steel body trucks shall be provided for each slide gate leaf. Each truck assembly to have four factory lubricated and sealed bearing wheels, 2" in diameter, mounted on 1" diameter steel axles. Two steel side rollers with bearings shall be mounted on each truck as to insure proper alignment within track. Trucks shall be held to post bracket by 5/8" diameter shank. Trucks to take same reaction load as track.

·         Lower guide wheel assemblies shall be provided for each supporting post. Each assembly shall consist of two rubber wheels, 3" in diameter and to be attached to to the support post so the bottom horizontal gate member will roll between the wheels, which can be adjusted to maintain plumb gate frame and proper alignment.

          Gate posts must be 4" o.d. with substantial footings in order to reduce vibration. If need be, place top and bottom rail between the two primary gate posts. Posts must be plumb.

·         Track assembly to gate frame must be at a 90 degree angle. Grind smooth and flat, all welds that come in contact between track and gate frame. 

·         Tighten bolts for back brackets firmly; excessive pressure is not required.

·         Once the track is permanently installed to the gate frame, run the truck thru the track to assure freedom of movement.

·         Truck should be bolted to post with some pressure. The lower portion of the gate frame should pass thru the guide wheels without binding.

·         If electrically operated, run the gate by hand before connecting chain, to be sure that gate runs with little effort.

·         Where splicing is required to extend track assembly, straddle splice joint with back bracket and tighten bolts sequentially to assure proper alignment.

·         If the above recommendations are followed, your installation will run trouble free, your customers will be happy and you will realize repeat business either directly or indirectly.