E/Z Slide Gate & Track Specs

1. General


Internal Roller Cantilever Gate frames shall consist of steel or aluminum tubes and conform to the specifications for the same material used in the fence line. Cantilever Gate System shall facilitate installation of a pipe-frame internal roller-type cantilever sliding gate system as per ASTM F 1184, Class 2.


2. Bolt-on Aluminum Track


All cantilever gates shall have a one piece bolt-on enclosed track of aluminum extrusion (alloy 6061-T6) having a total weight of 3.45 pounds per foot and designed to withstand a minimum reaction load of 1,500 pounds, as manufactured by International Gate Devices, 101 Sycamore Ave, Folsom, PA 19033 (800.557.4283) or approved equal.


3. Internal Truck Assemblies


Two galvanized steel body trucks shall be provided for each slide gate leaf. Each truck assembly to have four factory lubricated and sealed bearing wheels, 2" in diameter, mounted on 1" diameter steel axles. Two steel side rollers with bearings shall be mounted on each truck as to insure proper alignment within track. Trucks shall be held to post bracket by 5/8" diameter shank using nylon lock nuts. Trucks to take same reaction load as track.


4. Mounting Hardware


Mounting hardware shall be an integral part of the Cantilever Gate System. The internal roller assembly shall be affixed to a hot dipped galvanized bracket for corrosion resistance. The mounting hardware supplied shall be appropriate for mounting the Cantilever Gate Track System to 4" round O.D. or 4" square posts of schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe weighing a minimum of 9.1 pounds per foot by means of two 1/2" diameter galvanized, U-bolts which shall be supplied as part of the assembly. Lower guide wheel brackets shall be provided for each supporting post. Each assembly shall consist of two rubber wheels, 3" in diameter and to be attached to the support post so the bottom horizontal gate member will roll between the wheels, which can be adjusted to maintain plumb gate frame and proper alignment.


5. Gate Structure and Quality Assurance


Gate frame shall be fabricated in such a way as to hang plumb and travel straight and true. Contractor shall verify that the gate structure with which the Cantilever Gate Track System is to operate shall have been designed so as to meet "Minimum Performance Criteria" of ASTM specifications. Gate opening size shall not exceed 30 feet, with an overall length not to exceed 45 feet, and a gate structure that shall require no more than 120 pounds of draw force to actuate.

Five Styles of IGD E/Z Slide Aluminum Gate Tracks